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Watch What Molten Copper Does To A Coconut


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Some weird experiments are performed online these days. I think it all started with the fad to test what Volcanic Lava did to Colas like Coke and Pepsi. After that there were demands for more weird experiments that had a high probability of going boom. There are channels around YouTube that show off exploding balloons and spray paint guns in slow-motion as well as molten cannonballs dipped in ice. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Tito4re, has released a sequel to his old Molten Copper vs Coconut video. It’s the latest addition in his molten copper series which has included hard drives and skittles as opponents. In the first coconut video he simply poured in molten copper in to a drilled hole atop the coconut without having drained the coconut water. In this video, he’s gone completely dry.

As you can see he waits for the molten lava to settle in the coconut while it spews out its guts and burns the outer hairy shell. Then the copper catches fire. After the fire dies down a bit he reaches out and touches the outer shell to make sure it’s cooled down. He then cools the coconut down with water. He then breaks it open with a hammer to reveal a fully moulded inside model of the coconut made out of copper.

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