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Microsoft Will Soon Let You ‘Holoport’ Anywhere In The World


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Shahraz Izadi is a research manager at Microsoft who recently unveiled yet another innovative product that makes use of the HoloLens. This new innovation utilizes Holoportation to allow users to seem as though they are somewhere else in the world in real time. A bunch of cameras placed in the room allow the images to be captured in 3D. Once these images are stitched, compressed and then shared, any other person can interact with them.


Users have the freedom to play back the last interaction they may have had as if they were walking down memory lane to relive the past. The owner of HoloLens puts it into perspective in the following words: “Imagine being able to virtually teleport from one place to another.” He is certain that this would pave way for a change in the way people interact with their folks on Skype. For now, HoloLens will set you back by a whopping $3,000. Thus, you are better off not jumping on the bandwagon just yet.

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