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For A Great Summary Of Physics, Take A Look At The Map Of Physics


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YouTube user Dominic Walliman has uploaded a video called the Map Of Physics where he has very creatively grouped all of physics into one map. It contains a summary of all the basic concepts of physics and their details. It’s basically divided into five parts, Classical Physics, Relativity, Quantum Physics, Philosophy and The Chasm of Ignorance (which includes the future).

He highlights how physics went through different revolutions during the time of Isaac Newton when he discovered the laws of motion, gravitation, optics and calculus. He also highlights the contributions of James Clerk Maxwell who was responsible for introducing the world to a mathematical representation of Electromagnetism. This was classical Physics.

Next came Quantum Physics and Relativity which entered the fray in the 2oth century. And these two fields explained the universe pretty well in their own ways. The former explained 3 of the 4 fundamental forces of the universe, electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak force. Gravity however, is Relativity’s domain. Einstein did a great job of building on Newton’s theory and compounded it and gave us concepts like time travel and wormholes and black holes and gravitational waves which were proved to exist just this year. However, the disagreement of Relativity and Quantum Physics presents a problem. There is no unifying theory to understanding the universe.

This brings us to the chasm of ignorance and the future with concepts like Quantum gravity, dark matter, dark energy, string theory etc. These are all the things we don’t know about or only formulate theories about. There is very little, if any, experimental proof of any of them.

What about philosophy? Well, for a long time scientists were known as natural philosophers, Newton was one. And though there is now a stark distinction between the two, physics brings about very big philosophical questions. How did the universe come to be? What does existence mean? Why  was the universe made; was it designed or did it come to be by chance?

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3 Comments to For A Great Summary Of Physics, Take A Look At The Map Of Physics

  1. robert ring III MD

    Much More Please. You have a talent for clarity in a presentation. Beautifully done, no wasted words in this one.

    This video will certainly lead someone to take the next step in their lifelong learning experience.

    Keep it up.

    Do one on “color”, “light” and “Electromagnetism”.

  2. Nice Map Dominic! For the next one I would suggest a map about the fruit/flower of life and the “sacred geometry”. The connections with consciousness and the homogeneity/occurrence of theses symbols around the world in ancient times. Cheers!

  3. Rajesh kumar sahu

    It is A very good Explanation .I like it .But the very beauty of it is the chasm of Ignorance .I’m so Interested and fully dipped in study About and on Quantum theory .Its Really shocking and astonishing as Niels Bohr said to define It . I must hopefully can say the remaining mystries and problems of Quantum Theory will over and to solved very soon …..

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