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The Man That Fell Into Yellowstone Park’s Hot Spring Dissolved In A Day


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If you ever happen to visit Yellowstone park, stay away from the Hot Springs. Back in June, a 23 year old man fell in and completely dissolved within a day. The waters of the hot spring aren’t just incredibly hot, but very acidic too. This is due to one of the largest magma chambers in the world beneath the spring.

The gruesome details came to light recently after a local TV network requested some details through the Freedom Of Information Act. Apparently, this man, was looking to get singed, or, as he called it, for a “hot pot”. He tested the temperature of the waters by dipping his forefinger in and slipped and fell in. Later that day, officials found him drifting, lifeless. However, a thunderstorm arrived, wiping out any chances of rescue. Afterwards, they couldn’t find any trace of him, not even his flip flops.

In his report, Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress, said that the waters were incredibly hot and acidic that day and that a significant amount of dissolution happened that day. This event is a testament to the foolhardiness of humans and the callously careless way they treat their lives.

The water in Yellowstone Hot Spring is 93°C (199°F) on the surface and several degrees hotter once you descend beneath it. That’s why they are surrounded by warning signs around them. Unless you are an extremophile like a tardigrade (water bear) or the thermophiles producing the incredible colours in the Yellowstone spring, don’t venture forth.

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