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Man Bursts Out Of Water Balloon In Glorious Slow Motion


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The SlowMo guys on YouTube have been famous for their extravagant experiments with video art involving slow motion. Their incredible videos show the most mundane and trivial events taken to the extreme and then slowed down for effect. This time they decided to crawl inside a water balloon and film it as it expands and then goes boom.

The video begins with a man sitting inside the water balloon that is currently filling up with water. The balloon dweller pauses mid filling to remove his clothes except for his undies and climbs back in to the balloon.

The balloon gets larger and larger as it is filled with copious amounts of water and when it finally reaches capacity its huge load rips through its plastic exterior and bursts forth in a fit of fury. OK that description might seem a bit overstated but everything seems more dramatic when witnessed in slow motion. The video was slowed down to about a 1000 frames per second to the point that you could actually pinpoint when the balloon ruptured and let forth the gushing might of what looked to be at least 50 litres of water.

The slow motion effect showed the water to remain stationary in its balloon like shape for an instant while the balloon relieved itself of the tension and the water then spread over the ground no longer bound by its plastic prison.

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