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New Gadget Claims To ‘Switch Off’ Period Pain


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9 out of 10 women go through period pain every month. As many as 10 percent of them get period pain so bad that they can be incapacitated for as many as 3 days. Some use contraceptives to skip their periods altogether. Menstruating women have other alternatives they can turn to in order to beat the pain. Pain killers and a hot water bottle can do wonders for many. It turns out that there is yet another option in shape of a medical device called Livia that is a sort of an ‘off switch for menstrual switch’.


This raises the question as to how such a miracle cure works. The official website of the device states that the Livia features a couple of electrodes which have to be placed on the regions of the abdomen that ache. Switching on the device causes the electrodes to deliver imperceptible electric pulses to the nerves. This is known to settle the abdomen pain for many, as suggested by the glowing reviews that it has gotten along with funding from over 3,000 crowdfunders.

Chen Nachum is the CEO of Livia who claims that the device has been tested on 163 women, 80 percent of whom reported that the device significantly relieved the pain in their abdomen. Though, how effective this device exactly is remains to be seen. One thing is for sure; though, this technology employed by Livia is not entirely new as many doctors have been speaking of it for quite a few years.

The basic concept behind Livia is that the nervous system can’t work with two different sorts of signals at a time. Thus, with a signal mimicking frequency similar to that of the body but not entirely known by the body, Livia shuts down the feeling of pain in a particular region. This is because these signals reach the brain quicker than those from the nerves, as a result of which the brain has little time to register the menstrual cramps.

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