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Here’s What Happens If You Fill A Balloon With Liquid Nitrogen


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Liquid Nitrogen is known to be extremely cold, bearing an excruciatingly low temperature of minus 320.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-195.8°C). No wonder it is often employed in the treatment of warts. A YouTuber by the name of Grant Thompson decided to see what goes on within a balloon once liquid nitrogen is poured in it.

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One would anticipate the usual reaction with the balloon being blown to pieces due to the extreme cold. However, the actual reaction is much more intriguing than that. The video demonstrates the balloon filling up on its own once liquid nitrogen is poured inside. This effect is actually attributable to the boiling point of nitrogen at minus 195.8 degrees Celsius.

This implies that the liquid nitrogen changes from liquid to gas at room temperature in no time. In addition, this explains why one can spot the balloon bubbling away in the distance as it starts to get deflated.

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