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Johnson & Johnson Told To Pay $72m For Cancer Death Linked To Talcum Powder


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Judiciary in the American state of Missouri recently passed an order for Jonson & Johnson to pay damages worth of $72 million to the family of a lady who stated that her death was a cause of the Baby Powder talc. produced by the company. Jackie Fox from Alabama passed away as a result of ovarian cancer this past year at the age of 62. Fox was reported to have regularly used this talc for many years.

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The family of the deceased claimed that the company was aware of the risks associated with the talc and decided not to warn its customers. Johnson & Johnson did not buy into this argument at all, seriously considering an appeal in response to the claim. A representative from the company mentioned that Johnson and Johnson had no greater duty than to ensure the health and safety of its customers. She clarified that while the company sympathizes with the family, they are confident about the quality and safety of their products.

The trial eventually concluded after 3 weeks with first time damages worth of $10 million as well as $62 million worth of punitive damages being awarded to the family. Over one thousand such cases still await conclusion, and even more are expected to be registered after the conclusion of this recent case. Interestingly, there has been a lot of talk about talcum powder having adverse affects when it is used on the genitals. Though, there has not been any solid evidence produced so far.

Though, it is true that mineral talc constitutes asbestos which can cause cancer. Still, talc free of asbestos has been used in baby powder for many years now. As for the likelihood of this happening is concerned, a charity called Ovacome suggests that in light of no solid evidence there is a chance of ovarian cancer increasing merely by a third.

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