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Miners Unearth Huge Jade Stone In Myanmar Worth $170 million


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Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has a huge jade industry. It is estimated that 70% of the finest Jade reserves come from Myanmar. Infact half their entire GDP is their Jade industry. So Jade reserves are kind of their thing. But this piece of news is great even so. A huge Jade stone has been unearthed in Myanmar that is worth roughly $170 million.

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The stone is 4.3 meters high and 5.8 meters long and weighs a whopping 175 tonnes. It was discovered in the state of Kachin. Jade is actually one of two types of stones, one is jadeite, the other is nephrite. The former is what the stone is probably made of, though nothing can be said until its chemical composition is determined. The stone will be sent out to China, as usual, to be shaped into statues.

The stone looks extremely dull right now but when polished and shaped, it looks incredibly beautiful. Which is probably the reason why it’s such a popular mineral in North Eastern Asian territories like China and Myanmar.

Myanmar’s Jade industry has been mired in controversy due to drug lords and military elites stealing the profits that rightly belong to Myanmar’s people. The government has already enacted reforms to protect these reserves and with discoveries like these, international interest may rise to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

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