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Ivy League Professor Removed From Plane, Interrogated For Writing Suspicious Math Equations


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It appears that the world has now been saved from mathematics being attempted on planes by Italian economists. This matter was brought to light last Thursday during a flight planned to fly to Ontario from Philadelphia. In this moment, a passenger noticed a guy writing on a piece of paper what seemed like a rather complicated math equations before the passenger got up and communicated this to the cabin crew. The lady told flight attendants that she isn’t feeling well, which led to the flight being turned around the runway.


The guy attempting complex math equations was eventually forced off the flight before he was interrogated by the security staff. The detained guy named Guido Menzio happened to be an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He appeared to be a bearded, dark haired and partly tanned young man who also sported a foreign accent.

When the Associated Press came to question, Menzio stated that he thought security folks were attempting to get some information about her sickness. However, they came and told him that the lady was concerned about him being a terrorist who somehow managed to board the plane and was writing strange things on a piece of paper, perhaps planning a horrendous attack.

Actually, Menzio was not planning a terrorist attack but trying to work on a differential equation in his notes. These are the same notes that he was going to use for his lecture on ‘Search Theory’ in Canada. Following two hours of interrogation, security officials felt that Menzio’s story was believable so they let him get back on the flight. Interestingly, the passenger who initially complained never returned to the flight.

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