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Here’s How To Get Rid Of Traffic Jams, Remove The Drivers


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Bottlenecks and traffic jams happen all over the world in the most populous cities. Beijing, New York, Tokyo etc have all experienced record breaking traffic jams even when they’ve worked excessively to solve the problem by widening roads and enacting more traffic laws but nothing has worked. Well, this new video on YouTube may have the solution: remove the drivers.

It’s simple, the reason that these bottlenecks and jams happen is because humans have a slow reaction time and that results in a pile up. Accelerating and decelerating too late causes accidents and jams at traffic lights and intersections that lead to huge jams down the road. Remember the last time you were stuck for 10-15 minutes and then when the traffic moved you saw no accident or pile up? Yeah, that’s the reason why. Simple human reaction time. However, someone changing lanes on highways can upset this flow too, creating a jam down the line. So what’s the solution? Well, take out the faulty variable, the driver.

Traffic lights are essentially present to guide us when to stop or move right? But if cars drove themselves, which is no longer fiction but reality, then we would no longer need traffic lights. In fact there are so many signal free corridors now to avoid that sort of thing. Why not go all the way and remove them altogether? When cars can communicate with each other and keep a minimal distance from each other at all times, there’s no need.

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2 Comments to Here’s How To Get Rid Of Traffic Jams, Remove The Drivers

  1. Silly people. As if the cure for obesity was larger clothes, the cure for traffic is fewer cars and providing housing near jobs, or jobs near housing. Our addiction to the automobile and destroyed downtowns, turned 40% of our built environment into paved streets and highways and parking lots, and each car takes thousands of dollars our of our pockets every year.
    We need better town planning and more public transportation, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

    These tech fixes are blind to the real problem. Making cars smarter and more expensive isn’t a solution.

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