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Here’s Why This Balloon Won’t Pop After Being Pierced By An Arrow


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A crazy image began to make the rounds on the internet a few days back. The image taken at an archery club featured a balloon that was pierced by an arrow but it didn’t pop. No wonder it took the Reddit by surprise in no time. The person with the username ‘evilbytez’ who uploaded the image mentioned the backstory. Basically, an eleven year old kid shot the arrow from as far as 10 meters as part of an activity at the Brockley Archery Club.

arrow didn't pop the balloon

There is no doubt that the balloon should have burst like all the other balloons since it was hit smack dab in the middle. The obvious question is, why did the balloon not burst upon impact? First and foremost, you must know the reason behind a balloon bursting upon such an impact. When you blow up a balloon, the air pressure inside it is increased with the breath. This stretches the rubber as the balloon gets thinner.

The balloon bursts once that it is pricked using a pin. The tension is gradually shifted to the edges of the hole in the balloon. The force of the balloon in its stretched form is so much that the rubber rips open until sufficient volume of air leaves the balloon to remove the force. The truth is that the rubber material is not stretched across the entire surface of the balloon. Upon playing close attention, you can make out the darker colour near the opening of the balloon.

Upon putting a skewer in these dark regions, you can easily poke out without bursting the balloon. Understandably, the balloon deflates a bit because of the air escaping but the opening seals up due to the arrow being stuck inside. So then, that sums up the story of the poor archer who hit the balloon but couldn’t score.

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