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Here’s How Inhaling Helium Will Make Your Voice Sound Funny


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Did you know that there was a way to sound devilish naturally? Apparently there is and it involves inhaling a certain gas.

In one of his videos from 2008, Mythbusters’ Adam Savage shows that Sulfur hexafluoride has the ability to turn your voice into the likes of some character from horror movie. He also shrills his voice by inhaling helium first.

In his video he explains that shrillness and hoarseness of voices in both scenarios is due to the relative density of both the gases compared to air. Helium, being six times less dense than air, makes the sound travel faster. The fast traveling sound appears shriller to the hearing ears. Similarly, Sulfur Hexafluoride is heavier than air. When inhaled it makes the sound travel slower. Therefore, the voice after inhaling sulfur hexafluoride sounds like that of a character speaking in “slo-mo” version of videos.

The experiment looks fun when Adam performs it, but, as he advises, it is dangerous and should not be tried at home.

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