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Here’s How You Can Keep Playing YouTube Videos With The Screen Off


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A significant problem among the biggest issues that the world faces is that people are unable to listen to their favourite music on YouTube as they do other tasks on their smartphones. Considering the advancements in science and technology, how difficult could finding a solution to this problem really be? It seems like a bunch of music lovers have discovered a method of working around this issue. It does raise the question about why this never came about ever before.

To begin with, it is best to do away with your YouTube application. Rather than putting up with its sluggish search feature, you should look up your favourite music on the official YouTube website. Begin to play the music, skip the ads before hitting the home button which redirects you to the home screen. The music comes to a halt unless you have put on a headset that sports a mic controller. You simply press the play button on the mic in order to reactivate the music. This will allow you to utilize the video service as a music streaming service free of cost.

In case you are using a headset with no mic controller, you do not need to worry much. Simply lock the smartphone before pressing the home button. Then, swipe up in order to access the control centre. There, you can view the name of the artist along with the name of the music you were playing. Just tap on the play button and the music will resume without a hitch. So far, this has been successfully tested on the iPhone but you could give it a go on your Android smartphones.

Now then, that is another one of your significant issues sorted right there. In case any of you already knew of this, well good for you, genius.

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