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Here’s A Simple Tip To Learn Math Equations, And It Actually Works


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There exist a number of different methodologies meant to increase the potential of your learning. However, there is one strategy that seems to boost study and learning. Researchers in Australia have learned that children in schools have the tendency of solving math questions as they run their fingers over the questions. This allows them to excel at the tests just because they are able to understand the question better compared to students who do not even touch the questions. Paul Ginns is an educational psychologist at University of Sydney who believes that this has implications for both, students and teachers. He is of the view that understanding of math problems among students can be significantly improved by introducing instruction on finger tracing the math problems.

The researchers carried out a couple of different studies which comprised 275 young students aged between 9 and 13 only to discover that the proposed technique on digits as well as geometric shapes assisted students in answering the problems with ease and speed. An experiment demonstrated the fact that students who traced over the characters fared better compared to those who traced close to characters. Ofcourse, both of these outperformed students who did not do so at all.

The reason for the success of this finger trace method has not yet been learned. Though, researchers are of the view that it is a strategy that allows mitigating the cognitive burden that stresses one while they process data. For instance, tracing angles of a shape could mean that the related information is prioritized in the brain. However, merely looking at the same information would not quite have the same effect. Researchers suggest that it is plausible that the proposed finger trace strategy eases the stress on working memory which helps store and maintain complex information in the brain.

It is true that the study is still fresh but truth is that this learning method is not entirely new. Students of Montessori schools used a tactile method such as learning alphabets using sandpaper letters which comprises learning using physical characters. The technique proposed only confirms this and it is possible that further studies would generate even more evidence of this. This may well cut down costs and promote education further in schools. The researchers are unsure if this would greatly help students in their homework but it wouldn’t be surprising if this works equally well for adult students.

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