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These 13 Habits Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better, According To Science


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Do you have trouble falling asleep? You really want to but you’re just lying in your bed, eyes wide open. It not only reduces a person’s efficiency but also affects a person’s physical and mental health therefore sleep is sacred. Here are 13 effective tips that will help you fall asleep in no time:

  1. Switch those lights off:

The worst thing you can do is keep the lights on at night. I mean, how do you expect to fall asleep in a bright room? Bright light prevents the brain to realize chemicals that are critical for sleep. So the first thing you need to do is turn the lights off!

  1. Phone away, please:

We’re all habitual of using our phones before falling asleep. We think we’ll fall asleep while surfing but it’s a misconception! So put that tablet/phone away and focus on sleeping.

  1. Say no to coffee:

I’m sure most of you will stop reading this now because coffee is heaven. But don’t, just hear this out – caffeine alters the melatonin levels in your brain which makes it harder to fall asleep sooner. We all drink coffee only to stay awake and be energetic, so obviously sleep is out of question. Hence, try to not drink so much coffee.

  1. Also say no to alcohol:

Okay, you’re definitely going to stop reading now if you hadn’t at tip #3. However, it is my duty to tell you all that alcohol is the worst, particularly for insomniacs. Decades of research shows that study after study demonstrates the ill effects drinking has on your sleep. Even occasional drinkers take longer to fall asleep. That’s not it – alcohol even increases the odds of sleep illnesses like apnea.

  1. Make sure you’re sleeping with the right person:

As hilarious as this sounds, it’s true! Make sure you go to bed with someone who makes you happy. Research shows that happy couples sleep better together and that people who sleep well together turn out to be happier couples.

  1. Where’s your sleeping schedule?

No matter how old you are, you always follow a set routine. Makes your life pretty organized, right? Well it’s time you develop a bedtime routine too since it helps in falling asleep sooner.

  1. Warm your feet and hands:

So this is pretty easy. Place a warm water bottle against your hands and feet, and feel the difference in the speed at which you fall asleep. Being all warmed up makes us sleepy anyway, no matter where we are.

  1. Try to stay awake!

Even though there’s little scientific backing on this one, it’s still worth a shot! So this tip is based on reverse psychology – try to stay awake and you’ll fall asleep sooner. Don’t try too hard though; give in when you feel sleepy!

  1. Take a warm bath:

Before you go to sleep, take a warm bath. It’ll make it way easier to pass out and make you a deep sleeper once you’re asleep.

  1. Think about the good life:

What do we all do when we’re trying to fall asleep? We think about things that make us happy. We day-dream before actually falling asleep and dreaming – it’s soothing. Think about snorkeling in Thailand and you’re bound to fall asleep sooner with a smile on your face!

  1. Music helps!

Studies show that listening to classical music helps students relax, which eventually improves their sleep quality. Classical music isn’t the trick; it can be anything that you find calming (Coldplay FTW).

  1. Fill your room with a lavender scent!

So apparently lavender scents help young men and women sleep more deeply and wake up feeling fresh!

  1. Know yourself:

The tips here aren’t bound to work on you since every human being is unique. Besides the obvious: quit drinking and put your phone away, you might find a tip useless while the other may do the magic! So know yourself. See what calms you and helps you fall asleep!

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