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Google’s Project SkyBender Aims To Supply 5G Internet Using Solar-Powered Drones


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Google seems to be experimenting with drones which can deliver internet at high speed. Project SkyBender would allow solar powered vehicles to deliver 5G internet to people. The Guardian posted a report when it discovered that Google had been testing solar powered drones in New Mexico.  uses spaceport in the tourism business. Google is now using the spaceport, which Virgin Galactic uses for its its tourism business, to supervise an aircraft which is optionally piloted. This Centaur is a vehicle which can be operated without a human operating it.

The optionally operated aircraft makes use of millimeter wave technology as means of communication. It is expected to be a way of delivering internet speeds as high as several gigabits. This would be forty times faster compared to technology employed in 4G in this day of age. The only problem with this kind of technology is that it can easily fade in no time. Google has been trying to resolve that with the help of such tests. Now it has plans in place to beam internet on the ground using high altitude autonomous drones.

Moreover, the company is continually flying Solara 50, a solar powered drone. It has been granted the permission to resume testing until the month of July. It does not end at that; Google is also busy working on Project Loon. It is actually a fleet of high altitude balloons which are capable of beaming internet on to the ground. Both of these projects are still in early phases of their lives. That explains why there are no comprehensive details about them available in the market. It will surely be interesting to see how they develop as time wears on.

If you thought this is it for news emanating from Spaceport America, think again. Virgin Galactic is planning on revealing the SpaceShipTwo vehicle come February 19. People will be able to pay in order to be taken to space in the years to come. This comes after the disaster that took place this past November and accounted for the life of co-pilot, Michael Alsbury.

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