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China’s Futuristic Straddling Bus Can Drive Itself Over Traffic Jams


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China is the most populous country on the planet with almost 1.4 billion people. This means that it has to deal with a lot of cars on the road which, more often than not, result in severe traffic jams. Transit Explore Bus, a Beijing based company, has showed a futuristic straddling bus concept that drives itself over cars, and could help solve a number of problems.


Unveiled at the 19th International High Tech Expo in Beijing last week, the futuristic bus (pictured above) is 60 meters (200 feet) in length and 8 meters (26 feet) in width. The unique design allows car up to 2 meters (7 feet) high to travel underneath the bus whether it is stationary or moving. The bus can carry up to 1400 passengers at a speed of 60 kilometers (37 miles) per hour.

For now, this design is just a concept but that hasn’t stopped cities expressing interest in it. A working prototype is slated to be finished sometime after July in Changzhou, China.

This innovative design also tackles another of China’s biggest problem: air pollution especially smog. Due to its size, it is capable of replacing 40 conventional buses. As it runs entirely on electricity, over 800 tonnes (880 tons) of fuel can be saved annually, reducing 2,480 tonnes (2,730 US tons) of carbon emissions. Compared to a subway train system, the new concept is quite inexpensive to deploy and maintain.

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