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Four Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Homes Warm This Winter


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Winter calls for the warmth and coziness. Many people spend a lot on energy bills just to keep their places warm. But our ancestors were the intellectual people who knew many cost-effective and effortless ways of doing this. All hail the infrared cameras and the advancement in Environmental Physics that we now know how these old methods are effective enough.

According to theoretical Physics, heat always radiates to a colder environment, to maintain a balance. This is the reason why our body loses heat to our surroundings, thus chilling our bones. And if we lit a fire inside our house or use electric heaters, the air gets warm but the walls of the house takes much longer to heat up, in an aftermath we still feel cold around the chilly walls. But don not to worry here are 4 gigs to make you feel warm and at comfort in your homes during winter.

Draw your curtains at night

During the day when sunlight enters your house, the glass window lets more energy in than out. However, during night the glass of the windows gets extremely cold resulting in losing the warmth of the house and your body as well.

To overcome this heat loss, the best solution is to draw curtains or blinds on the windows at night. The curtains and blinds will act as a hindrance and will minimize the amount of heat radiating out. This will help maintain the room temperature and keep your space warm and cozy.

Using art to cover up your walls

Although brick and stone walls are better insulators than glass, it still lets out heat. This problem could be handled by using wall art to cover up the walls hence minimize heat loss. Framed pictures, carpets, mirrors and even a simple poster could add an extra layer to the walls and will raise the internal temperature quiet a bit.

Covering up the Front Door

As most of the doors are made up of wood, iron or glass, all of these are very bad insulators and during winters it allows cold to come in. Therefore a curtain covering up the front door will heat up your house to some extent.

Using Screens

If you find it impossible to reduce heat loss from the outer walls, then drawing up wooden screens in front of a fire would do for you. It keeps the front surface of it warm enough to give you comfort.

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