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Here’s How Formula 1 Car’s Power Unit Turn Exhaust Fumes Into Power


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If you have squandered time while waiting in a traffic jam, you would not be alien to the exhaust fumes that emanate from different cars. Let us be clear; though, these are just the typical cars we see drive by every day. When we kick up a notch and have Formula 1 cars in the vicinity, they blast fumes at a searing 1,000 degrees Celsius. That is not all; it even squanders a great amount of energy.

The real question to ask is what if someone could utilize the same heat in order to make the car more powerful. A device by the name of MGU-H does exactly that according to Jimmy de Ville, an engineer and Greg Foot, a science presenter went on to demonstrate the process. Now this begs the question about how much of a boost the MGU-H device can exactly deliver. Greg and Jimmy demonstrated the explosive power as they strapped a total of 750 rockets on a huge turbine wheel.

It might be difficult to grasp this idea but this is actually what goes on in the engine of a race car each passing second. Whatever you do, folks, please do not try this at home.

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