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Forget Plasters! This Gel Stops Bleeding Instantly


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This century is rightly being called the century of biology. So many exciting developments have been taking place. The world is almost polio free, a potential cure for diabetes has been discovered, paralysis is finally on the verge of being overcome and now a gel has been invented that seal bleeding wounds instantaneously.



You know that futuristic device you saw in that one SciFi movie that heals all wounds in seconds, no? Well you must have heard of Wolverine’s healing factor and Vetigel is pretty close to that. Invented by NYU student, Joe Landolina and developed by US Biotech giant Suneris, the gel speeds up the natural process of healing by making the platelets in the blood near the wound clump together more quickly. This speeds up the production of fibrin too.

While human trials are not being conducted, testing on animals is going ahead and if the results are positive, human testing will begin.


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