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Five Science-backed Ways To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal At Home


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Wifi is a great way to access internet. It’s miles ahead of anything you can get from the 3G or 4G services currently employed by many countries but there’s a catch. Since Wifi Signals employ electromagnetic waves that are only up to 12 cm long, they don’t have the strength a few dozen feet away that they do at close range. So here are a few ways to amplify your Wifi Signal.

  1. Put your router in the center of your home. This is a no-brainer. To get the best signal at every point in your house, the source needs to be at equal distances from all points in a circle.
  2. Put your router above ground. Remember, the signal broadcasts in all directions; that includes downwards. So always hang your router in an open space. If possible, hang it from the ceiling, away from fans and lights.
  3. Keep your router away from appliances. It’s not a myth. Electromagnetic waves interfere with each other, so keep your router away from microwave ovens, toasters and consoles and televisions and even radios.
  4. Play with Antennae to get the best signal strength. Your router comes with two antennae. Place one vertically and one horizontally to get the best signal and move them around to see what gives you the best.
  5. Map your Signal Strength. There are many apps that allow you to map out your signal strength, use them to figure out where you can get the best reception.

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