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Man Builds Faraday Cage Around His Bar in UK ; Blocks Phone Signals


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These days you can hardly sit at a table or have a conversation without checking your phone. It’s making us more and more anti-social. Steve Tyler, a bar owner in the UK, thinks he’s got a fix. He’s made his own Faraday Cage to put around his bar and voila, no phone signals can get in.

The idea behind this is simple. The Faraday Cage was an experiment that Michael Faraday did to show off the power of Science to his audience way back when in the 19th century. He used to electrify the cage while inside it and shock people when he walked out without a scratch. It’s kind of like the principle used in noise cancelling headphones. They block sound by emitting sounds of the opposite wavelength. Similarly, the Faraday Cage cancels out the electromagnetic waves of incoming phone signals with its own waves.

Steve Tyler’s Gin Tub in Sussex is surrounded by a mesh made of copper and silver foil. You can design your own here. Now this is different from jamming devices which are illegal but it does essentially the same trick. It isn’t adapted to Wifi signals as far as we know so maybe those can get in. Faraday cages also aren’t adapted to signals of changing wavelengths so it’s not a complete blocking technique. Still, it’s a great way to prevent the most common of interruptions.

All in all, it’s a great way to make sure your customers are having uninterrupted conversations and are engaging in worthwhile banter.

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1 Comment to Man Builds Faraday Cage Around His Bar in UK ; Blocks Phone Signals

  1. Fay Rowland (B Sc PGCE M Phil)

    No it is nothing like noise-cancelling headphones
    No, it does not emit opposite wavelengths
    No, it does not ‘cancel out’ phone waves with its own waves

    You really don’t know what a Faraday cage is and have no idea how it works
    Phones and wi-fi all use microwaves, so if one is blocked, so is the other.

    Please, please please get science items checked by a scientist before publishing
    This is not wiorthy of a site with ‘science’ in its name

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