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This Video Shows How Much Radiation You’re Exposed To In Everyday Life


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Exposure to radiation can have deadly consequence but only if one is exposed to a large amount of radiation in a short amount of time. While it is common sense to get not too close to nuclear plants or other high risk facilities, the fact remains that each and everyone of us is exposed to a certain amount of radiation in our daily life.

While the level of radiation is not life threatening, it’s still interesting to know what amount of and how we are exposed to radiation in our daily life. The video, produced by Alex Kuzoian, below does exactly that. And the most interesting part is that there are some sources of radiation that you might not expect.

The radiation dose is measured in Sievert which takes into account the health effects of low level of radiation on human body. So how do we get to exposed to radiation in our daily life? Well, the Cosmos is full of radiation and the Earth is bombarded with dangerous radiation every minute of the day. Thanks to the magnetic field of the Earth, the majority of that radiation is blocked. However, the things around us are naturally radioactive and that’s the reason we are exposed to it in our daily life. For example, a dental X-ray exposes one to around 5 microsieverts. (One microsievert is equal to a million part of one sievert). A banana on the other hand will expose one to 0.1 microsievert because of the radiation in them.

The bottom line is that the amount of radiation that we are exposed to in our daily life is well within the accepted limits. And to give you further piece of mind, it would take 400,000 microsieverts or 4 Sieverts to do some real damage to you.

[Source: Business Insider]

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