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Driving While Stressed, Angry or Tired Increases Your Risk Of Crashing By Nearly 10 Times


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If you find yourself anywhere close to a motor vehicle next time you are emotionally down, it is advisable to put off this little trip of yours. Scientists from the United States put together the self-proclaimed biggest driving study which is crash-based. The data they have compiled clearly demonstrates that drivers who are either angry or sad as they embark on their journey increase their chances of accident by nearly ten times.

Drivers who are distracted tend to not focus on the road as they drive. An obvious example is the use of smartphones as people drive which has accounted for a number of accidents over the years. Infact, over half of the population is found to be distracted with such activities while they are behind the wheel. Tom Dingus is the director of Transportation Institute from Virginia Tech who is of the view that more and more young men and women engage in such activities as they drive. He went to state that in the absence of any steps to limit these activities, these car crashes will never stop.

Data associated with a total of 3,500 people was made part of the research over a time period of 3 years all across the United States. The car crashes varied from low severity to extreme cases of car crashes that were reported to police. As many as 905 of these cases were reported to be high severity that involved damage to property and severe injury. It is no surprise that driver related issues like distraction and fatigue were associated with almost 90 percent of the car crashes. There may be some risk factors that are fairly obvious such as driving at high speeds increasing the probability of car crashes, and so does driving in close proximity of another motor vehicle.

The findings are published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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