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Don’t Do These 18 Things While You’re Abroad


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The cultures and customs of the countries around the world vary to a degree you could not imagine. Things that you would be completely fine with doing would be frowned upon in other cultures and you wouldn’t understand why. So here are a few things to not do while you’re traveling abroad. Just a little guide to make sure you don’t embarrass your entire country in front of the world audience.


While reading the list you might feel your eyebrows lifting just a bit; you should. It makes no sense that the symbol for OK could mean an insult in Turkey or that wishing someone a happy birthday the day before in Germany is considered impolite. It defies logic, I know but just imagine someone doing something unacceptable in your culture and scratching their heads when you rebuke them for it.

I’ll leave you on an example from my own life that you might find interesting. I was looking up universities to apply to when I was graduating high school and I started looking at schools in Sweden and I stumbled across this university. Now it’s a prestigious university, ranked among the top 100 universities in the world but despite that, no one, absolutely no one, from Pakistan or India would ever consider applying there. Why? Look up the name’s meaning in Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi and you’ll understand why.

[Source: Globelink]

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