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Desert Greening Can Produce Rain In The Desert


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The process of desertification leaves lush green areas as deserts every year and it is becoming increasingly hard to reclaim these lands without natural rainfall. Irrigation isn’t always an option when natural bodies of water are scarce and so a German organization by the name of “Desert Greening” is using a different approach. They are literally, making it rain.

By using an old invention of Australian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich called the “Cloudbuster” from the 50s, they plan to attract clouds from distances of nearly 200 kilometers. Like a lightning rod attracts lightning, the Cloudbuster will use “Orgone Energy” to summon rain to the desert. Orgone Energy is a hypothetical life force present all around the universe (also theorized by Reich). You can think of it like “The Force” in the Star Wars Saga.

While this may seem like pseudoscience to many, the team at Desert Greening has been experimenting with the Cloudbuster since 2005 in southern Algeria and according to them, rain has increased.


There 3000 new fruit trees in the region due to the rainfall and they plan to step up their operations in the future to further the process. chuva-04

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