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Here’s How You Can Create Hallucinations Without Drugs In Just 30 Minutes


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The brain is capable of marvelous wonders. It has the ability to perform functions that many creatures that are still million of years away can not perform with the same level of skill. It is interesting to note that there are still nearly billions of neurons which are extremely sensitive. Things can go horribly wrong if the tiniest of things is messed up. Despite no physical injuries to the brain, it can still start acting weird on its own. It seems like the brain can be tricked into hearing and seeing stuff that is not actually present.

Key is to have the knowledge about manipulating it in the right manner. Folks at the Scam School demonstrated this with a video. It turns out you can use common household stuff to create the right environment for intense sensory deprivation. This way you are able to induce strong hallucinations which can interfere with the sight and sound senses. This experiment only requires such things as rubber bands, cotton padding, stationary , noise cancelling headphones, sheets of white paper and a YouTube video featuring old TV white noise.

Effects of this experiment begin to show once 10 to 30 minutes elapse. As soon as one rubs the eyes, shapes of jellyfish, dinosaur silhouettes and Eye of Sauron are formed. Some people hear laughter whereas others can hear sounds of screams. This may sound surreal to you but this entire exercise actually follows the principles of a phenomenon called Ganzfeld effect. This effect suggests how the brain responds to the exposure to a uniform stimulation field.

Not only does this result in aural and visual hallucinations as shown in the video. How one experiences this effect may vary from one person to another, though.

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