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3 Cows Were Stranded On Little Island After New Zealand Earthquake


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If at any time you’ve wanted to feel sorry for wildlife, this is it. The massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake that shook New Zealand did a lot of property damage but it also left a sight that could literally be the definition of helpless. A helicopter observed that outside of Kaikoura, 3 cows were left stranded while the farmland around them collapsed. It’s like in an episode of Looney tunes, when the whole world blows up and the only place where Bugs Bunny is standing, is left standing. Except this time, it’s real.

The newshub camera operator aboard the helicopter, Chris Jones explained that the cattle had definitely ridden these lands before and were lucky to be stranded on the one piece of land left standing. The island, now known as Quake island, is 50 to 80 feet across.

Their owner managed to save 14 cows including these 3 but lost many others in the quake. The cows had to stay put for a day but have been rescued so the internet can breathe a sigh of relief. The delay was due to concerns whether they was going to be another earthquake. Also, the ground was highly unstable so it was best to stay put before doing something hasty.

The earthquake has caused a lot of destruction and displaced more than a thousand people in the South Island of the country. Two people have yet been reported dead. Kaikoura has been left without functioning roads, water supplies and trains and after shocks have even registered a tiny wobble at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, 18000 kilometers away.

After shocks could occur at anytime during the next 30 days so locals are cautioned to be on the look out. A 32 percent chance of a magnitude 7 quake is calculated over the next month of time.

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