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Costa Rica Is Powered By 100 Percent Renewable Energy For Past 75 Days


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For over 75 days straight, that’s how many days have elapsed in 2015, the Republic of Costa Rica has only produced electricity from Renewable Resources. In a bold move to lead the world by example, the Republic of Costa Rica has decided, it seems, to show the world that you don’t need to burn coal and gas and oil to generate enough electricity for everyone.

Costa Rica has received plentiful rainfall this year which has kept it’s four main hydroelectric power stations working continuously. The country’s total demand has been met almost entirely with these four stations and the rest has been met by solar, wind, geothermal or biogas energy.

If you have been following the Republic closely you might have seen this coming. They meet 94% of their electricity demand with renewables and have vowed to become carbon neutral by 2021. They also have the second largest electricity service provision in the world behind Uruguay (99.4% of homes in Costa Rica are have access to power). And to top it all off, due to the surplus of energy this year, the inhabitants of the Republic are scheduled to receive a 12% price drop in power charges.

Of course all of this is due to many other factors. The landscape of Costa Rica is dotted with active volcanoes allowing for many geothermal projects; Costa Rica also receives a lot of rainfall so hydel power is very feasible. And since Costa Rica hasn’t had a military since 1948, it can afford to give to environmental issues a lot more than other nations.

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