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Here Are Some Common Physics Misconceptions [VIDEO]


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It’s not uncommon for us to laugh in the face of Flat-Earthers and take out the time to prove conspiracy theorists wrong. Perhaps, it is high time that we looked inwards and cleared up our own issues and misconceptions about science and the world in general. Take gravity for that matter, it’s not what you think it is unless you have a degree in physics.

MinutePhysics video explained that the way people perceive gravity is actually skewed. You may have learned that things attract each other depending on their masses. Considering light particles do not have mass, it would mean that gravity does not affect light, correct? Unfortunately, that is not true since the source of gravity is energy and momentum; not mass.

Regular matter like atoms constitutes bodies, contains energy and momentum and so does light. As a result, it not only is affected by gravity but also affects it. Don’t try to mix up Newton’s law of gravitation with theory of relativity by Einstein as it has no connection here. There is evidence that suggests that velocities are not simply added to derive at a precise total. This explains why simple explanations don’t necessarily lead to accurate conclusions.

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1 Comment to Here Are Some Common Physics Misconceptions [VIDEO]

  1. Well, yes its important to teach our children true science.
    The thing we should teach them, is to seek the truth by TESTING and EXPERIMENTING it themself.
    You mentioned the “flat earth” theory.
    Everyone believes that the earth is a globe, because we are told so.
    But what if you go out and TEST and EXPERIMENT yourself if that is true?
    Then, dear #thescienceworld, you will find that the earth is flat as a pancake.
    Just a few proof videos (replicate the experiments yourself!)
    – simple experiement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqUd2W2RqCw
    – a bit more complex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQRvY56aTLI
    – or, watch a long video that summs up many flat earth facts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNVvRxQWb6g

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