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Chinese Hospital Introduces Automatic Sperm Extractor To Make Sperm Donation Easier


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Sperm donation might be considered taboo in a number of places the world over but scientists seem to be making the process easier. A hospital in Nanjing, China now has an automatic sperm extractor at its disposal. So much for a hands-free device, huh? Let’s dive into the more interesting details.

Automatic Sperm Extractor

This piece of technology comes with a massage pipe that the user can adjust to suit his height. Upon setting the desired amplitude, frequency and temperature on the machine, the user is good to go. A small display on the top is featured for those who like some ‘visual’ assistance. Director of urology department feels it’s just to have the machine in the hospital considering many individuals have issues retrieving sperm by the old conventional methods. Arguably, standing and delivering like that in a room full of other men is likely to make many individuals feel awkward. It depends what sort of slant you put on it, I suppose.


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