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Chinese Drivers Forced To Stare At Full-beam Headlights In “Eye For An Eye” Punishment


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The Police of the modern city of Shenzhen in China have apparently started to punish drivers that dazzle others with their headlights in a way that brings to mind “poetic justice”. On the Police social media account, photos have been posted showing people sitting down on stools while staring directly in to the headlights of a police van. This punishment is apparently a “tit for tat” measure. The punishment apparently goes on for five minutes with the headlights at full brightness. And offenders are also slapped with a 300 yuan fine. Now, the photo posted was accompanied by a “Haha” so whether the punishment is serious or not remains to be seen.

Full-beam drivers in China forced to stare into car headlights

Full-beam drivers in China forced to stare into car headlights

This punishment, though unique, has gotten a mixed response from residents. Some have responded positively saying that the punishment should be extended to 30 minutes, divided up in to three parts with 60 second intervals in between. And some have said that the punishment can aggravate the problem of traffic or road safety by putting dazed drivers back on the road.

“Now you can experience for yourself just how harmful the full-beam headlights are and how much light pollution they cause.” ~ says Police.

Shenzhen is known for its forward thinking policies, especially on cars. It has mostly electric cars, buses and taxis running on its streets and its a relatively new city, built from scratch a few decade ago in Hong Kong.

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