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This Bioo Plant Pot Uses Photosynthesis To Charge Your Phone


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Plants are simply amazing; they help us in a number of ways and now, one more thing can be added to that list: they can help us charge our phones. This has been made possible thanks to an ingenious plant pot called Bioo. Developed by Arkyne Tech, it is capable of fully charging a smartphone 2 to 3 times a day.


Bioo generates electricity by using plant’s photosynthesis to charge a phone. The process that enables this is fairly simple: electricity is generated by the plant’s biological elements that are expelled after photosynthesis. The video below explains how exactly this process works:

Bioo relies on a special chemical and biological hybrid cell that sits at the bottom of the pot, needed to stabilize it. The cell system takes the energy that is produced in the soil surrounding the roots and uses it to generate energy. The same cell also functions as a water purification system and helps save a great amount of water. A schematic representation of the internal structure of cell looks like this:

internal structure bioo, charge phone with Photosynthesis

The company assures that the plant isn’t harmed in any way because it produces the biological elements whether the Bioo Lite system is implemented or not. Bioo Lite will be priced around $150 when it goes on sale. For the time being, you can head over to Indiegogo to back the project.

A self-contained, self-regenerating system like this can be a key for green energy to become more accessible. One can hope that Bioo will see a widespread adaption once it is available for purchase.

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