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Study Points To C-Sections Making Baby Heads Bigger


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There is an increasing trend of women opting for a C-Section during childbirth, especially in the western world. This has led to more babies being born that have larger heads (the main reason why a C-Section is required during delivery). However, women’s birth canals haven’t adapted to this change leading to more C-Sections and hence more big headed babies being born. It’s a cycle that has repeatedly been in motion since the rise of C-sections in the US since the 1950s and 60s.

Dr. Philipp Mitteroecker told the Independent that it’s unclear what this will mean for the future. He did however add that, “Disproportion may further increase. But I don’t think that one day every baby needs to be delivered by C-sections. The selection towards larger babies is limited by the mother’s metabolic capacity and also attenuated by modern medical treatment.”

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He also said that now, due to women with narrow pelvises surviving childbirth more often than they did 100 years ago due to modern technology, they pass on similar genes to their daughters. Hence narrower pelvises being passed on. So two genetic traits are battling it out here.

C-sections are quite controversial in some places around the world and the community of doctors around the world have noticed some negative effects. These include a relation between women who have C-sections and them having obesity or diabetes. C-sections can also lead to blood clots and complications during further pregnancies.

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