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Breast Implant Submitted By Australian Man Turns Out To Be Jellyfish


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An Australian man handed a “bagged and tagged circular object” to the police believing it to be a breast implant that was evidence of a crime. He thought it was evidence of a murder or possibly a drowning, but he turned out to be dead wrong (pun intended). Turns out it was actually a jellyfish.

“Officers at Maroochydore station were all hands on deck when, much to their initial alarm, a concerned citizen attended the counter to report a possible homicide. The member of the public presented police with a bagged and tagged circular object he had located that day. Officers seized the item at the request of the man and provided him with a receipt. The man was concerned it was a prosthetic implant from someone who may have been murdered or drowned.”

-Senior Constable, Zoe Brady

The Maroochydore Police Station, where the evidence was handed in, conducted tests on the “breast implant” and found it to be a jellyfish. Its tentacles had either been cut off by jagged rocks or wave action or bitten off by other fish. This led to its resemblance to a silicone implant. What’s more is the jellyfish was native to Queensland; it was most likely a blubber jellyfish according to Colin Sparkes of Surf Life Saving Queensland. Its sting is known to be irritating but not dangerous.

This incident, though fortunately silly and not dangerous at all, is not unique. In 2013, one of New Zealand’s beaches was flooded with a swarm of jellyfish that bore resemblance to breast implants.

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