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The Biggest Breast Cancer Genome Analysis In History Could Lead To Better, Personalized Treatments


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A new research has offered in depth insight into the causes of breast cancer at the genome level. This largest-ever study was conducted by the researchers of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK and included the data from 560 patients from all over the world. The findings of these study can lead to more effective treatments and medicines for those suffering from breast cancer.

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The DNA in the cells – the basic building block of life – can undergo mutations due to a lot of environmental and other factors. These mutations are responsible for giving rise to cancerous cells. The researchers that were a part of this study found 93 genes that are related to tumor development. This paints a clear picture of what the pharmaceutical and biotech companies should target in order to come up with a treatment that actually works when it comes breast cancer. 

“The future of this extraordinary study is personalized patient care. The identification of the cancer causing genomes will result in a treatment programme that has a better chance of working for an individual.”  — Serena Nik-Zainal

Understanding the cause of cancer at the genome level is an incredible step in the right direction for cancer treatment. While it may be a while before the personalized cancer treatments become the norm, it would be nice to see if the results of this study are brought to the market quickly in a way that can help the patients.

The research is published in Nature and Nature Communications.

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