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Half Your Brain Stays Awake When You Sleep In A New Place


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There is a great chance that you felt sleepy and groggy after you slept in a hotel or went out to camp. You may have felt weary the following day after you tossed and turned in your bed the entire night. This is a result of nature dying hard. The brain goes into survival mode as someone sleeps in a new place. Scientists at Brown University have suggested that this enables people to jump awake once strange sounds arise.

The scientists referred to the First Night Effect (FNE) as a usual disturbance in sleep for a while. However, they have been unable to completely understand how this process exactly works. Masako Tamaki teamed up with her colleagues in order to discover the reason behind this concept. They meticulously analyzed multiple sleeping brains with the help of advanced Neuroimaging techniques. Interestingly, they discovered that such brains demonstrate asymmetrical patterns of sleep activity. This means that a hemisphere of the brain continues to hum as the other one is asleep. The hemisphere that is not fully awake tends to be more active, so much so that it responds to external stimuli such as deviant sounds.

It turns out that this sort of sleep is common among other critters in the animal kingdom. It is a well known fact that marine mammals along with a few birds demonstrate uni-hemispheric sleep. Co author of the study named Yuka Sasaki claims that dolphins and whales happen to be extremely vulnerable as they sleep with one half of their brains at a particular moment in order to avoid getting caught. It turns out that human brain has a miniature system of the kind that dolphins and whales are endowed with.

Scientists hope that they would be able to find a method of turning off this mechanism, especially for those that travel to work on a regular basis. Sasaki believes that people have the power to turn it off given that human brains are extremely flexible.

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