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Artificial DNA Stores 1 Million Copies Of A Hollywood Movie In A Bottle


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A scientist at Technicolor with virtual reality gadgets at his disposal closely inspected a vial with some water droplets in it and compared it to a million copies of an old movie that was encoded in DNA. We have experienced a lot of advancements since times when movies would use three strip cameras to leave viewers awe-struck. Apparently, Technicolor have attained another level of cutting-edge filmmaking which promises a revolution in the way movies are made.

The chief of Technicolor, Frederic Rose, mentioned that they are much bigger than they were 50 years back. Rose also unveiled the innovation at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as he accepted the star of recognition award – the technology that allows encoding movies in artificial non biological DNA. Vice president of innovation and research named Jean Bolot showcased a bullet-sized vial which contained copes of a French movie called ‘A trip to the moon’.

Over the years, scientists have carried out experiments using DNA as a medium of storage. However, Technicolor has now translated into reality with the continuous advancements in sophisticated lab equipment. The corporation now builds on research conducted by Harvard University scientists which now happens to beat the previously held record for DNA data density by a factor of a thousand. The team went on to digitize the French movie in data in shape of 0s and 1s, then into DNA code before transforming it in molecules by employing lab dish chemicals.

Bolot believes that such a formula would offer a great number of advantages. For instance, a million different archives taking up space in the Hollywood studios could potentially be fit in a Lego brick. Moreover, DNA storage would do away with the problem of formats like VHS and DVD becoming outdated over the years. Imagine the many different possibilities this offers.

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