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A Comparison Between The First Android Phone (G1) vs. The Original iPhone 2G


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The iPhone changed everything when it came out in 2007. It had a full multi-touch display, one home button, a great UI and was the pinnacle of what smartphones were at the time. It ran iOS, known as OS X at the time, based off of the Mac OS. Google followed with its own G1 smartphone, made by HTC (also called the HTC Dream), with Android Version 1.0. It was much less of a touch based device, with a slider keyboard and a couple of buttons to take calls. How do they stack up against each other today? Let’s take a look.

The iPhone just looks awesome right off the bat. Its minimalist design and pure experience as well as simple UI made it a pleasure to use. The inertial scrolling, great UI and cover flow in iTunes clearly put the iPhone ahead in terms of music and overall performance. The G1 however, had a few hiccups. You couldn’t do everything with the touch interface and that just made the experience feel disjointed. Imagine having to switch between different controllers while playing a game on your console. It would be annoying right?

Let’s go to hardware. The iPhone here, steals the show again. It was thin, simple and had a premium build. The G1 had a plastic feel, it felt rickety and because it had movable parts, specially the sliding keyboard, it was bulkier and much less attractive than the iPhone. In terms of cameras, both phones had Ok shooters for the time, but camera quality has come so far now on smartphones that both cameras simply look like crap today.

The G1 had a removable battery unlike the iPhone, but at the time this was very normal and can’t be called as a plus or minus. Both phones had 320×480 displays, the iPhone sporting a 3.5 inch screen, the G1, a 3.2 inch screen. Here again, the iPhone takes the trophy. Its display just pops.

The G1 cost $179 while the iPhone cost $499 when they were first released. And while it was crazy to think of paying so much for a phone then, it isn’t any more.

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