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This Guy Won The French Scrabble Championship Without Speaking A Single Word Of French


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Nigel Richards is a protagonist of World Scrabble Championship. He is a New Zealander/Malaysian native, who has possessed a decree of being the highest-rated scrabble player of the world. He maintained his erudite record by winning the USA National Scrabble Championship 5 times and the World Championship 3 times, but these aren’t the only accomplishments of Nigel.

Recently, Nigel Richards participated in the French Scrabble Championship and the predicament was that Nigel being an English-speaking native, who never spoke a single word of French, WON the competition.

Nigel memorized the French dictionary in 9 weeks just for the sake of this championship. With such amazing capability of absorbing the whole dictionary, Richard was able to correct his opponent when they attempted to play an incorrect word. Nigel’s Scrabble story dates back to his late 20’s, when his mother whined about their weekly card game to be one-sided, due to his inability of counting the cards. After that he won his first national championship in 1997 in the very first attempt.


Nigel says whenever he sees a word in his memory bank, he would ultimately position it on a scrabble board. His phenomenal performance at Scrabble is a natural gift, and he has a rare mathematical mind that strikes a photographic image of the dictionary inside and then accommodates those seven tiles on the rack into a word, thus deciphering a riddle on a scrabble board.

All in all Nigel Richard is a muse for all those who want to excel in their passion and achieve the best of it.

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