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An 11-year-old Girl From Britain Just Earned the Highest Possible IQ Score


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In case you feel dumb and old, it is time you read about this new record. An 11 year old schoolgirl from Britain named Kashmea Wahi managed to get a fascinating score of 162 on an IQ test. Just so you know, this is the highest score that one can get on such a test. Ofcourse, there are arguments about the IQ test that still apply in this case as well. For instance, it is not always accurate in determining one’s cognitive skills. Either way, Wahi’s score speaks a lot about her logical reasoning as well as mathematical intelligence. Being the youngest to do so also makes this achievement even more incredible.

Wahi claims that she only happened to find this test on the iPad before taking the test only to prove her intelligence to her parents. The parents work as IT consultants at the Deutsche Bank. The duo had been nagging their daughter to allocate more time to studies. Now, Wahi has managed to join the top one percent of the smartest people of all ages in the world. Wahi expressed joy over being compared to bright minds such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. She admits that she would require a lot of achievements before she could actually get to a point where she joined such a league of legends.

Wahi is a student at the Notting Hill and Ealing Junior School based in West London. Her interests include such things as chess, netball and tennis. Wahi can now apply to become a Mensa member due to such an epic IQ score. Mensa is an organization that takes in brilliant minds who fall in the top two percent in regards to IQ. A top score is deemed to be anywhere above 140. The number of intelligent schoolgirls in Britain seems to be going up as years go by. Lydia Sebastian is a 12 year old from Essex who managed to score 162 this past September.

The range of ages for members is between 2 and 102 years old. The United States branch of Mensa claims that geniuses can actually be identified at a much earlier age. However, only 1 in 50 folks who apply prove to be eligible for the membership of Mensa. Given this fact, merely 57,000 folks in the United States have applied for the program as per the data from 2011. Wahi’s parents are excited by this milestone but there is no word on whether they will now be less strict when it comes to lecturing her.

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