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Burning Ammonium Dichromate And Mercury (II) Thiocyanate Opens A Portal To Hell


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This is something that’s popped up on the internet again after a few years. I remember coming across this video years ago when I was searching for cool chemical reactions (yes, I’m a nerd). It’s one of the scariest reactions you’ll ever see and seems right out of a devil worshipper band music video. It could also easily be out of the CGI nightmare that was film adaptation of Spawn.

The chemical reaction burns Ammonium Dichromate (NH4Cr2O7) and Mercury (II) Thiocyanate (HgSCN) and unleashes what looks like the demons of hell crawling out of a portal.

At first the mixture turns a deep black but then the fire at the center intensifies, revealing tentacle like masses extruding out of the core. Voices in the background shout “Kraken”, citing the appearance of the legendary beast of the sea in the tales of pirates.

The reaction forms nitrogen, oxygen and ammonium (III) oxide. The tentacles you see are Carbon Nitride. Other than that, Mercury (II) Sulfide and Sulfur dioxide are also produced. This reaction was sold in fireworks stores as well by the name of “Pharaoh’s Serpent” before people realized that it gave off extremely toxic gases and the mixture was taken off the shelves.

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