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Afghan Army Soldier Gets Double Hand Transplant From a Deceased Person In India


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The steady progression of medical science is sometimes so sudden that it sneaks upon you and stuns you to the point of awe. Take for example the transplant of a dead person’s hands on to the severed limbs of an Afghan Army Captain. This incredible feat was accomplished in India.

30 year old Afghan Army Captain Abdul Rahim lost both his hands while defusing a mine 3 years ago on the Afghan border. The donor was Mr. TT Joseph from Eloor Kochi who was declared brain dead after an accident. He died at the age of 54.

The surgery required 20 surgeons and went on for 15 hours. Each hand required 14 tendons, two connecting bones, 4 veins and 2 arteries. Rahim’s response is very positive so far and if the progress continues like this, he will be discharged soon according to the doctors.

He is the second person to undergo a successful hands transplant procedure.

[Video via ANI News]

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