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A Simple Logic Puzzle That 50% of Harvard Students Get Wrong


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It turns out that greater than 50 percent of the Harvard students could not manage to correctly answer a logical problem. The puzzle involves a bat and ball which cost a total of $1.10. The bat itself is said to cost precisely a dollar more than the baseball. The question is, how much does the baseball cost? In case you thought the answer is ten cents, you are wrong, folks.

Baseball puzzle

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10 Comments to A Simple Logic Puzzle That 50% of Harvard Students Get Wrong

    • cost of the ball $.05
      cost of bat is cost of ball @ $.05 plus $1.00 dollar more = $1.05
      Total cost of bat and ball is $.50 (ball) plus $1.05 ( bat) = $1.10
      I’m 70 years old and have only a high school education
      You just need to think it out and READ CAREFULLY

  1. Lets consider the ball = X
    then bat=X+1
    so the given equation becomes,
    so the ball costs .5$ 😛

  2. the ball cost x$
    the bat cost x 1$
    both cost 1.10$
    x x 1=1.10
    2x 1=1.10
    therefore the ball cost 0.05$

  3. Let Bat = a
    Let Ball = b
    Given a+b = 1.10
    And a = 1.00
    So Ball = a – b
    = 1.00 – b
    Therefore b must = 10
    This must be the only logical, and mathemtical correct answer.
    If you were to go into the shop and ask to buy just the ball for 0.05$ you would be laughed out of the shop!

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