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95% Of Women Don’t Regret Having Abortion


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According to Medical Journal PLOS ONE, 95% of women who have abortions do not regret them. This is according to research carried out by the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at UC San Francisco’s School of Medicine, and from the university’s division of biostatistics.

The research was carried out for three years on a group of 670 women, monitoring them consistently on their pregnancies and abortions. The group was diverse according to race, education and employment as well as in its analysis of the circumstances of the pregnancies and abortions. 40 percent terminated their pregnancies due to financial considerations, 36 percent due to it not being “the right time” and 26 percent found the decision easy, while 53 percent found it “somewhat difficult”.

The study concludes that an overwhelming majority of women found that the decision of abortion was the right one to make in the short term and in the course of the three years of the study. In contrast to the claims by anti-abortionists who claim that women suffer emotionally due to abortions, the study says that they do not regret their decisions at all in most cases.

The study is different in that it avoids generalisations that other studies suffered from. By looking at specifics such as social metrics, the reasons for the abortion and the long term and short term emotional responses to the abortion, the study has concluded effectively that other than the normal guilt or sadness that women experience in the short term, their emotions naturally taper off and their lives do not suffer from the guilt of an abortion.

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