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This 25-year-old Man Lived For More Than A Year Without A Heart In His Body


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A 25 year old man recently received a full heart transplant after he spent an entire year without a heart in the body. Named Stan Larkin, the man had to keep artificial heart in his backpack for a total of 555 days. This would pump blood throughout his body that allowed him to survive. This procedure is necessary in order to sustain patients with complete failure of the heart as they wait for a donation.


Stan was the first man in Michigan who was discharged with Syncardia, an artificial heart device. Stan and his brother Dominique were diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy that is known to be a genetic heart condition which causes heart failure with no warning whatsoever. Just so you know, it is the top reason of deaths among athletes. They both had to spend multiple years on the waiting list before they could have their hearts removed before being fitted with Syncardia.

The surgeon claimed that the brothers were extremely sick when they were first brought to the intensive care units. The surgeons thought there was too little time for the surgery to be successful. This was also attributable to the unique anatomy of the two brothers which meant that the effectiveness of the procedure was doubtful. Devices like implantable defibrillators can prevent partial heart failure but Syncardia helps as both sides of the heart end experience failure.

Dominique had to make use of the device for some weeks prior to receiving a complete heart transplant. However, he was forced to wait for over a year, but the surgeons fit him with the Freedom portable driver such that he could return home rather than being admitted in the hospital. The device is a 6kg backpack that is connected to the vascular system in order to help pump oxygenated blood throughout the body. Sadly, this kept Stan from being able to even hold his daughters or offer them piggy back rides. On the bright side, he was able to continue his basketball stint.

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