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16-Year-Old Boy Invents $5 Cell Phone Bike Charger


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It’s cumbersome when your phone runs out of battery while you’re watching a movie or answering a call but nothing is more irritating than your phone dying on you while you’re on a trip. 16 year old Romanian inventor, Thomas, was plagued by the same thing when he went out for biking trips. So he decided to use his ride to charge up his phone.


He took some basic hardware and linked it to his bike to use as a makeshift charger.


He used some basic engineering tools like a soldering iron and a wire stripper/cutter along with a glue gun and electrical tape along with materials like a phone battery and a CPU fan.


He says that the fan, when hooked up to the bike will act as an AC generator as the wind rushes through it. It’ll charge the battery of the phone after being converted to a Direct current.


All this for $5. You can find the full list of instructions at Instructables.

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