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15 Times Teachers Were Hilarious In The Classroom


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Some teachers go the extra mile, either to add life to their classroom or a little bit of fun to their jobs. Here are 15 examples of how teachers made us laugh out loud in the classrooms or the hallways and left something worth remembering for their students.

  1. A Teacher Acutely Aware of the Importance of Time68371-large-220757
  2. This Teacher Probably Thinks He Can Get Away With Ignoring His/Her Students68371-large-220761
  3. A Teacher Who Knows How To Respond To Absent Assignments68371-large-220758
  4. Probably A Teacher Who Is Either Married Or Forever Alone68371-large-220759
  5. This Teacher Knows How To Punish Students For Forgetting Stationery68371-large-220760
  6. Teacher Be Like: Santa Claus68371-large-220762
  7. This Teacher Is Comfortable In His Femininity68371-large-220763
  8. This Teacher Brought The Sass68371-large-220764
  9. Everyone Must Love This Teacher68371-large-220765
  10. This Teacher Must Really Hate His Job68371-large-220766
  11. This Teacher Solves Problems68371-large-220767
  12. This Teacher Is Cool With Accepting Bribes68371-large-220768
  13. This Teacher Is Not Amused68371-large-220769
  14. This Teacher Accepts Sass68371-large-220770
  15. This Teacher Is Aware Of The Economic Meltdown68371-large-220771

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