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Huge 10 Meter Anaconda Found On Construction Site In Brazil


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You know that old movie starring Jon Voight and Jennifer Lopez called Anaconda? Well if you didn’t believe snakes like that could really exist you were wrong. Although green anacondas grow up to 8.8 meters in length have been reported in Brazil and documented by National Geographic, this one takes the cake. It was found on a construction site in Altamira, Para in Northern Brazil in February by workers and they could hardly believe their eyes. No one else could either.

The snake’s measurements haven’t officially been taken but it weighs approximately 400 kilograms, is 10 meters (32 feet) long and is 1 meter (3.2 feet) in diameter at its thickest. The snake was found after a controlled explosion blew up a cave as part of work for the Belo Monte Dam.

Though official accounts remain unreliable about the length of giant snakes during colonial times, there is evidence that bigger snakes had existed millions of years ago. For example, fifty eight million years ago, the Titanoboa, which could grow to 12 meters in length, live in South America.

Snakes such as these have been notable because they don’t use the traditional venomous killing route and instead squeeze the life out of their victims or swallow them whole.

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